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Desktop hosting : organize your life as you want

All small business owners know how hard it is to combine your professional career with your personal life. As you don't want to miss those special moments with your kids, your open tasks are piling up. Often, you'll be stuck at your office untill very late before you can make your way back home. Or when your home desktop is suddenly infected with a virus and prevents you to quickly manage your invoices.

Desktop hosting brings the solution for all of these familiar cases. It's a full working environment, just like you use today. The only difference: it's hosted in the cloud.

This brings many benefits: always accessible on any kind of device, everywhere access to everything. All your files, programs... Impossible to forget anything.

Working on an important task for your customers? Just when you need to get your children to soccer practice. Not a problem! Just close down your system, drive your kids around and when you are home... just open your system and continue where you were.

Desktop hosting will offer you the freedom, flexibility and security you always dreamed off. Constant automatic backups, many advanced security tools and solutions to block malicious activity, .... these are just a few of the measures that were taken to make sure you can work in a completely safe and performant environment.

You'll most likely even gain on performance, as all resources are used from the cloud. This means your desktop has the capacity to use an almost limitless pool of CPU, memory and storage power. Whenever you want to use more, we only change a setting, reboot and you are on your way. The easiest system upgrade you'll have ever seen!

You'll save costs on your hardware, as you'll be able to share home devices without risk. You'll be able to use any kind of tablet, pc, smartphone to use your work environment. And your hardware life expectansy will move up. As this will no longer determine the performance of your desktop system. You can also save on software licenses. You'll just need 1 license for using software at the office, at home, or on the road.

And you'll save on repair and replacement costs. No long waiting periods before you receive a replacement system. No more lost files and settings. Quick support and a professional team that's ready for all your questions.

This all for a fixed monthly price. No surprises, support included. And as it should be, you can end your subscription at any time. No long term contracts.