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The most used form of webhosting is shared webhosting, where you rent a small part of a hosting system or cluster. This is the ideal way of hosting your site at a small price and gives you the ability to use the most common technology's. A safe and secure environment, ideal for most websites.

If you do need more power or have special requirements for applications and/or technology, a virtual dedicated server or dedicated server might be more suitable. You can off course upgrade to another solution at any time. You can safely start out small and upgrade when your website grows.

The choice between Linux or Windows webhosting should be made on the technology you will be using in your website. Websites developed in PHP and/or MySQL will perform best on a Linux webhosting account. On the other hand, a website created in ASP.NET will only work on a Windows webhosting account. If you are not sure what type of account would fit your needs best, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

  Linux webhosting Windows webhosting
Includes one domain name yes yes
Daily back-up yes yes
Extension possibilities yes yes
Virus & spam protection yes yes
.NET 3.5 and 4.5 no yes
MS SQL 2014 no yes
PHP 7 yes yes
MySQL 5 yes yes
Access database no yes
FTP yes yes
Webmail yes yes
Statistics yes yes
99,97% uptime garantee yes yes