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VMware Professional Partner A virtual dedicated server equals the performances of physical servers with some very important benefits. A virtual dedicated server is independent from it's physical hardware, which makes a rapid migration to other hardware possible. Within just a few minutes, where this used to be hours, your server will be online again and resume it's tasks.

You can even increase this protection with the fully automated and enhanced High Availbility and Fault Tolerance technologies. These 2 techniques both increase the availability of your virtual dedicated server. With High Availability, your virtual dedicated server will be automatically booted on a different server in case of hardware or network problems. This happens even when you are not aware of anything. This protection keeps downtime restricted to just a few minutes (the time necessary for the reboot).

Fault Tolerance goes one step further. Fault Tolerance keeps at any time a second instance of your virtual dedicated server online. These second copy is en exact duplicate of the original version. When the original version is no longer available, the copy will automatically become the new original and handle all requests. In the meantime, a new copy is started to ensure the ongoing protection of your virtual dedicated server. This technology is so fast, that there is literally not a second of downtime. Every interaction process and database transaction is executed like nothing ever happened.